Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Blonde walks into A blog's Giveaway

Is a BRAND NEW SILVER iPOD NANO! (4GB, includes earphones and USB 2,O cable)

A Blonde walks into A blog's Giveaway
wanna win it?

Coz thr was many rules and interesting entry ways ^^
Better read it urself

Telling the simple info here:
1.) Be the blog's follower.
2.) Then drop a comment and 'tell about your favorite song of ALL time'

  hehe ^^ Enjoy it

This giveaway will end on Feb 1st ,  hurry up~~~

Tammy's 1st Giveaway - Open Internationally

Tammy's 1st Giveaway

Giveaway Rules: Must be following her blog and leave a comment on this post by February 12th, midnight MT. (International entries welcome.)

For extra entries, mention her giveaway on blog, post a pictured link, and/or tweet about this giveaway on Twitter.

Here's the prizes:
A 10-pack box of MBD Aloe Vera flavor and 2 black pearl masks , 
Miss Dior Cherie body lotion (30mL), 
travel-sized bottle of Lancome Bi-Facil, 
full-sized Lancome lipstick in Champagne, 
sample of Diorshow mascara, 
Lancome Definicils mascara, e/s quad, 
and travel-sized manicure set all in a Dior makeup zip-up case

Here's Tammy's giveaway link : 

IDI Skin Care Post #3 - IDI Super Fan Campaign Interview

Before we go to this interview
IDI (the company worker??) was so nice,
He fetch us to their company, so that we can go for this interview^^
* tat day i go with my sis, but my sis n i din got our own transport

When we reach there,
Their senior executive, Juliana came^^

1st, We do a simple 'survey' and she asked us some questions
which helps to diagnose our skin types
If u're interested to do the survey or u wanna diagnose your skin type too,
pls click here (their online analysis)

Then, we got our booklet
- IDI Booklet -
Before intro and choose the product to us, Juliana, their senior executive gave it to us
So that she can explain how we choose the IDI product according to our skin types and conditions.

For this schedule,
1.0 - oily skin
2.0 - Normal/ Combination skin
3.0 - Dry skin
6.0 - Sensitive skin
Lab - Their laboratory series, and oso the most precious range!

Here's how to use IDI product, step by step, follow the numbers~

First glance and saw so many numbers, really make ppl pengsan or afraid
but really quite a
Nice ways to lead user
Easy for old user too^^ haha

And now.......

Here's the IDI product i get after Juliana's analysis.
7 products here + 1 more (now out of stock, but they will send to my home)
and let me simple explain why i getting it

Which are:
(This product was under oily skin range, it's for the moment i got pimples><)

(Normal/ Combination skin cleansing foam)

(This product was under dry skin range, hydrating...)

(Make up remover)

(Make up remover 2nd step, according to Juliana, it's their 'san xin shui' ohh!!)

(Age defend lor, can works as foundation too^^)

(Their UV cream = our sunblock)

(Mask lor^^ but sounds like got a lot benefits~~~huhu)

Total = 8 products
( Overall they are cleanser, moisturizer, make up remover, sun block, mask )

Gonna try gonna try lor~~~~~~~

Friday, January 29, 2010

Idi Skin Care Post #2 - Simple intro

Time to telling wat i hint last time
Sorry for delay ><

Actually all this product are come from a skincare brand named 'IDI-Italy 1858'
It's new for us, however IDI already got many many years history
IDI Italy started at 1858, they have been around 151 years.
It's a dermatological research institute in Italy.

IDI - Italy 1858 is 
Fully Dermatologically Tested
Proven Safe & Effective
* Even on sensitive skin
( So, no worries~)

Besides that,
IDI got their own hospitals in Italy. Italy
the people who use IDI products in  Italy, they have to get it from IDI hospitals, it's different with here, where we can get it from Guradian... 


For IDI skincare product,
They got different types of products for different skin types,
which are dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin.

All the skin types and products are differentiate by colors and numbers below
(p/s: the numbers makes every steps became easier^^
wanna noe why n how? tell u later ^^hehe)

- Stay tune - ^^

Still wondering or interested? ^^
Wanna noe more about IDI - Italy 1858?

Here's their....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Beauty Spark Giveaway

An Urban Decay Preen Palette & Mini Primer Potion
Ruby & Millie Brush Compact 

1 -Must be her blog follower Or twitter abt this.

2- Post about the contest on our own blog and drop comment.

3 -The contest is open internationally.

The Contest will end on the 10th of FEBRUARY at MIDNIGHT.

Here's the link: The Beauty Spark

Idi Skin Care Post #1

IDI Italy 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7
So many IDI product~
How i get it? Why i got so many?

And HEY~ 
i got all the product direct from their office!
Wanna know wat's going on
wonder about how, why and what....?

Heard  this brand before? or never heard it before?
Wanna know about this brand?

Please stay tune.
Tmr i'll telling everything.

- To Be Continued 

Fancy Boutique Newly Open Giveaway

New Opening
Opening Giveaway!!!

Hello everyone~
New online shop and hope everyone enjoy it~
And make a small GIVEAWAY for everyone^^
Only the LUCKY one can get this prize

1 TEE + 2 panties
(Which worth RM43.00 !!! )

1. Open to Malaysian readers only (apologies to the international readers)

2. Must be a follower of my blog or just subscribe to this blog.

3. Post a comment about
give your follower ID and email address

(To gain 3 more entry, jz spread this news in ur blog, then leave the link here)

4. The winner will be selected via a random software. The winner will be notified via the blog and email. 

5. Closing date 11 February 2010 12 morning (Coz it's my birthday, haha)

Thanks for participate and hope u guys can spread this news to others oso. ^^

Wat a different giveaway~~~

Please visit Fancy Panties Boutique for more info ^^
Thanks ^^

Kiwibliss' Giveaway

Kiwibliss' Giveaway

Giveaway ends January 31, 2010

MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe
MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved
Bloom Nail Polish in your choice of color
Cadbury Chocolate

It's from:
(but the blog wasn't in English, so just take a look onli)
- not sure is it open internationally -

After winning Eva's giveaway ~

After winning Eva's giveaway ~
i suddenly interested on Giveaway
Finding those worldwide Giveaway

So...Stay tune 


Zoe Winning Eva's blog 'Bella Chic' Giveaway!!!

Giveaway..i win? >

Get Eva's mail and said that i won her giveaway
but tat time i was stil blur abt it
Immediately go n check mine and Eva's blog (for confirmation)

And it's TRUE!!! 
Here's the result:

There are whopping 390 entries for Eva's giveaway !!
And i ...i...
  i win...
i was so SURPRISED~ 

Really felt like i was SO.....LUCKY !!!!
Thank you
Thank you
Thanks to Eva ^^
And oso thanks to the wishes ^^

Here's Eva's blog, Bella Chic

p/s: Actually i was quite lazy to join giveaway,
but NOW
winning Eva's giveaway made me dedicated to join many giveaway in the future^^
joining many giveaway will spend all of my luck or not...


There will be quite lot of emoticon coming in my future post,
is it ok wif u?
If it's not ok, i wil take it down ^^||

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clinique New Youth Surge Contest

Know their new launch product?
The Youth Surge series
And now they hving a contest for it.

Jz need to answer some questions and then write wat age u wanna suspended in^^
10 lucky people will be selected and win the new Youth Surge Night Moisturizer which worth RM180!!
Wanna take part?

Monday, January 25, 2010


Play "Locate the Gold Bean" now to attain your free sample.
 Simply locate the NESCAFÉ GOLD® pack with the gold bean.
* Limited to first 2,000 redeemers!

And then,
tell 5 of ur frens, and if all of them accept the samples
u can get a pack of Nescafe Gold 170g

Here's the terms and conditions.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Empro Mid valley Roadshow

Mid Valley this week got so many roadshow~~
Got Kose lar, Empro lar, Loreal lar, Maybelline lar

For Empro,
I did bought something ><||

( 20- 24 Disember 2010)

Bought Eye and Lips Remover
It's sounds nice (contains vitamin E and ....)
and my sis bought their liquid eyeliner, and she said it's work very well!

Then we get
FREE RM10 voucher
FREE ang pao pack (gave my auntie, haha)
FREE eye brow trimming/design
FREE empro pouch

The Great news is ~~~
Everything in the roadshow was discounted and they still less more RM10 for our purchase^^

My 2009 and 2010

In facebook, my fren tag me in this photo,
have to think abt it seriously
wat life, wat i wan n need in the future

Hw abt u?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maybelline Yellow Yellow Bang Bang Contest

Maybelline are promoting their new product,
The Magnum Tranformation now

They will having a roadshow on:
20 - 24 Jan 2010 at Mid Valley (Lower Ground Center Court)
(we might be go and hv a look tmr, haha)

There are 2 contests running now,

1st 1 is Maybelline Yellow Yellow Bang Bang Contest

2nd 1 is The Magnum Tranformation Contest

(Please click into for larger view)

Please click into their website for more details and contest form.

After i went to the roadshow~
They said the Maybelline Yellow Yellow Bang Bang Contest on start/ valid on this Saturday
== coz wendy, Jean and i were purposely wear in yellow and went to the roadshow
haiz...forgot abt it

But something nice is,
overall product got discount there

and i got myself the 
Maybelline color & care lip smooth for rm9.90

Maybelline eye and lips make up remover for RM10
(This 1 is a lot cheaper! but with terms and conditions.)
(1 promoter said muz purchase RM20 or above)
(Another promoter said buy anything then can get the remover with RM10)

The promoter who served me was the one who said buy anything then can get the remover with RM10, tat's y i can jz buy the lip smooth and gets the remover with RM10^^

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

EXPRESS YOUR POW & be in the running to win our Acai Skin Damage-Repairing products!

EXPRESS YOUR POW & be in the running to win our Acai Skin Damage-Repairing products!

Click the photo to have a larger view and oso more details!


Please please support my comic too!!!
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Million thanks~~

Samples of CLEAN Warm Cotton Perfume for CLEANtemptalia readers

Have to tell this 1st,
Sorry to tell this,
Samples and giveaway are open to U.S. shipping addresses only. 
All prizes are provided by and through CLEAN.

So for US readers,

500 Temptalia Readers will receive samples of CLEAN Warm Cotton Perfume

How: Become a fan of CLEAN and enter code CLEANtemptalia to enter the Fan Giveaway

Plus, once a fan, 
readers will have a chance to win one of three CLEAN Grand prize gift sets or 10 runner-up prizes. 
Grand prize gift set includes a 2.14 FL. Oz of Warm Cotton Perfume, a .34 FL. Oz Warm Cotton Rollerball to keep in your purse, a Warm Cotton Bath & Shower Gel (6 Fl. Oz.), a Warm Cotton Body Lotion (6 Fl. Oz.), and a Warm Cotton Clothing & Linen Spray (6 Fl. Oz.). Runner-up winners will receive a 2.14 FL. Oz bottle of Warm Cotton Perfume.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Makeup beginner - blush part 2

Beginner knowledges
- About applying blush -
- according to face shapes -
- Jz a simple sharing -

Celebrity Blush

General tips - blush part 1

A very quick guide here:
Dry Skin: Creme blushes tend to be more hydrating and flattering.
Oily/Combination Skin: Powder blushes work best as any other consistency can tend to slide off on oily skin.
Normal Skin: almost any blush formula works including liquid and gel formulas.
@ For even better results, combine cream & powder together. "It helps my blush stay on longer & looks more luminous," said makeup artist Laura Mercier in O Magazine
@ Keep in mind stains -- great for well-moisturized skin, not dry skin -- tend to dry very fast so blend well & fast.

How to  figure out which blush to use?

Find a color that matches your cheeks 
* when they're flushed after exercise or being out in the cold. 

* For a quick test, 'spank'/pinch your cheeks & use the resulting color as a guide. (haha)
* Another trick is to match your lip color. 
Eg.  Fair skin looks great in rose, olive in peach & dark skin in apricot or even red.

Shimmer or matte?
As far as finishes are concerned, 
shimmer is good for a youthful glow however, matte is more forgiving on all skin types. 
Take care when using shimmer as it can make not-so-tiny pores seem larger than they appear.

Quick tip here:
 the darker your skin, the brighter the blush–now, don’t be nervous, 
the pigments in your skin can take a brighter blush and it will look absolutely gorgeous on your skin.

Powder blush?
* Using powder blush? Always sweep it in one direction. 
Going over & over or around and around causes streaks & can hurt your brush.

Cream/ gel blush?
Cream blush is great for mature skin. 
It blends easily & therefore looks very natural. 
For gel or cream blush, 
dab a dot on the apple of the cheek and two smaller dots up the cheekbones. (Apply with your middle finger )
And then blend with your ring finger. 
( using different fingers to avoid the blush overdone) 
Blend the dots together up to the hairline.
Then follow with a light dusting of finishing powder.
The part 2 are showing about general ideas of applying blush according the face shapes
Pls continue to read the next post~ ^^
( credit:, Instyle,