Thursday, August 26, 2010

Luxasia Sale

Luxasia will be holding a sale with up to 80% off prestige beauty and fragrances at its office from 26-28 August. 

Sale hours 
11am to 8pm for 26 and 27 August (Thur/Fri)
11am to 6pm for 28 August (Sat)

12 Tai Seng Street, Luxasia Building Level 6, with access through the cargo lifts

Products during the sale:
By Terry, Guerlain, RMK, Stila, Lancaster, IPSA : Liquid foundation, powder foundation, eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipgloss, blushers.
La Prairie, Guerlain, Carita, Jurlique, StriVectin-DS, Hylexin, Lumedia, Cosmedicine, ZO Skincare, Zelens,
Aigner, Anna Sui, Annick Goutal, Britney Spears, Burberry, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Carita,Chloe, Davidoff, Guerlain, Ferragamo, Hermes, Issey Miyake,Jennifer Lopez, Joop, Kenneth Cole Lancaster, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Narcisco Rodriguez, Nina Ricci,Paul Smith, Paco Rabanne, Prada, Quiksilver,Roxy,  Sarah Jessica Parker,Stella McCartney,Thierry Mugler, The Different Company, Van Cleef & Arpels,  Yves Saint Laurent, Vera Wang
Bath & Body 
La Compagnie De Provence Ma

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aqualabel Workshop !!!

Hello girls~
Remember the Aqualabel workshop i mentioned in my previous post ?
Here's my report for IT ~~ !!!! ^ ^

Okay, before i start my workshop report, i think it's better to explain what is going on, 
for you guys to recall back your mind ^ ^
Currently, Aqualabel@Facebook is having a blogger contest.
There will be different stage for this contest and we, the participants need to go step by step to reach the final stage, and to win the grand prizes, which is a TOKYO ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP!!!!
* What a generous contest right~ For you guys from other countries must be thinking : why we don't have this kind of contest in our country....
hahaha, it's lucky for me to be in Singapore at time and able to join this contest : )

The 1st step was Make An Impression - Mission Completed!

Now the second step, which is attending and blog about the Aqualabel Workshop!!

Let's start my workshop report here!
The pretty host was first explain to us about this contest and details for every stage.
So that everyone can fully understand the flow step by step without any mistake.

* Did you noticed there are some little gold color things in the glass??
Guess what is it ^.^
Clue - A food which girls always like ~

Okay~ Special thanks to the sweet Shiseido girls, they ready this for us ^^
** Sweet gold chocolate ** For us **

Back to our topic, after telling all the steps, continued with the selection criteria which made me felt scare...
Because of the.....Writing skills.... T.T
I got so many short form ~~>.<~~ will back to the previous post and do some edit  : p
* By the way, girls... did you saw the third selection criteria?
Your comments and viewership are so so SO important to me~~
Please do leave some comments, お願します
~ ありがとう - Domo Arigato~

Then, we start our hands-on session!
This was a very great chance to try out all the aqualabel products!
Okay lar, not all of them but most of them ^.^

1st thing, of course cleanse your face and remove make up
which most of the bloggers felt scare and begging not to remove make up
For me, nevermind lar, remove or not also the same, but for sure got difference for the look~
Since i have got my own bottle of Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing, therefore i decided to try on the Aqualabel Creamy Oil Cleansing 
About this Aqualabel Creamy Oil Cleansing
I'll write a little review for it ^^ since i had felt it here and it's new for me ^^
Tell you what: It really did efficiently remove make up ohh!!

For me, i continued with  
Aqualabel Moisture Lotion
Aqualabel Moisture Emulsion
For both products, you have to take note when you choosing...
because different skin types need to get different lotion/emulsion, which is
S - Supple - Normal to combination/oily skin
R - Rich - Normal to dry/ dehydrating skin
 Aqualabel Moist Essence GG
(Which intensive on minimize appearance of pores, it's what i needed!)
Aqualabel Bright White Ex
This serum was attracting me!! Why? Because it was using the similar, i think it's the same ingredient with Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Targeting Serum!!!
I loves that Shiseido serum, but it was a bit pricey to me... >.< sob sob
And now we got this!!!  Aqualabel Bright White Ex  ^.^
Another reason i feel good about it is because it can be used for eyes area as well~~!!!
(For lazy people like me, it's such a great news! Besides that, mascara/ eyeliner smudge had made my eye area became darker, maybe this brighten essence can help...)

* For this 4 products, i didn't review about it, because for me, this kind of products need at least try few times or days to really feel it or feel the result~
But at this moment, the overall feel is OKAY~ V^^V

And then - Mask time!!!!

Even though the photo got a little....bit shake,
but i sure that you all can still see the result rite? After mask, face become brighten !!

After put on so many good skincare,
now of course we hope all the vitamin and essence can be fully absorb ~
Here's the hero and heroine came out!!

Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer MO
Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer WT
(I already got it before this contest start, 
so i decided to try on the Blue color whitening range enhancer!)

After all of this, of course the next step will be sun protection and base care!
For sun protection, i tried it on my hands

Left: Aqualabel Perfect Protect Milk UV SPF 50+++

Right: Aqualabel White Protect Milk UV SPF 30++

Both sun protection was silky and smooth, easy to spread too.
I think use just a bit then should be okay, because i think i poured too much out and made me felt that there are a layer on my hands...
Importantly, NO WHITE RESIDUE!!!! ^.^

Base care, Aqualabel Moist Care Essence

This is their transparent concealer, the words 'transparent' actually quite attracting, for me.
But i can't found any tester last time and today finally got chance to try!
Let you see the result~
* I put it on my nose, to conceal my black heads....

These are most of the product i tried over at the workshop^^
More about the product that i've tried, I will do a short review up soon so stay tune! ^^

Me n pretty Host (so shy, without make up >.<)

Last but not least a big thank you to all the pretty host and staffs over at the workshop.
Is really nice to meet you guys that accompanied throughout ^^
And sorry for my forgetful (forgot to bring my laptop while i leaving)
Luckily the Shiseido girl found it and give me a call!!
If not.....

ohh...before you leave, show you something ^.^

All of us got a pack of Aqualabel travel pack !!

With printed informations and CD
So that we can know more about their products.

Me: I just been to Singapore for 3 months and this is the first workshop i joined here, therefore i was quite look forward to it. Erm...but not really can mix with the bloggers here, and i missed my Malaysia blogger friends....!!!

Overall, i was enjoyed the workshop and hands-on session.
One things i like about hands on session is..i learnt 1 more massage way!
Because different brands got different philosophy and believe, and this make them come out different ideas and massage way too, to let our skin absorb their product better.
And learnt the correct way to use their product!
>.< because the way i use my cleansing oil and enhancer seems got a bit...wrong...
not really wrong lar, just there are another way makes these vitamin absorb better~!
Tell you in my coming reviews ^^

Two sweet things for this workshop,
Firstly, the chocolate above.
Secondly, all the printed information and files,
not much organizer willing to prepare, and i'm appreciated!

P/s: The host and Shiseido girls are nice. When i heard they said that they already treat the office as their home, i felt the same things with them, i loves my job and office now too...i stay at my office until 10 or 12pm.
haha, okay lar, i better stop talk about my own stuff.

Jak, minasan, sayonara.
For my coming little reviews, please stay tuned.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guilty by Gucci - New Launch

Guilty by Gucci
This Autumn, Gucci takes as an inspiration its iconic entwined Gs and brings us a heroine who regards this symbol as an incitement to provoke. For this daredevil heroine, Gucci represents iconic , sensual power. In Gucci Guilty, the latest fragrance conceived by Creative Director Frida Giannini, this heroine discovers the scent of defiance.
About the fragrance
Gucci Guilty is a warm yet striking oriental floral with hedonism at its heart. The scent seizes the attention with a flamboyant opening born of the natural rush that is mandarin, shimmering alongside an audacious burst of pink pepper. 
The middle notes are an alluring concoction of heady lilac and geranium, laced with succulent peach - all velvet femininity with a beguiling hint of provocation. The patchouli that is the hallmark of Gucci fragrances here conveys a message of strength, while the voluptuousness of amber suggests deep femininity.

Me: Gucci ads always attracting me, the 'Flora' last time and this time 'Guilty', more to like sexy, defiance kinda feel...Thanks to their  Creative Director Frida Giannini, which an impressive lady, i like the way she work and her personality. She was so confident, actually let me felt that she proved that a young lady can be so GREAT! 
By the way, if there are any chance, i do wish to have a test or try on this new fragrance, because the description of this fragrance seems what i like.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sample GIVEAWAY!! Worldwide~~

Just reading others blogger blog
And found something you might interested ^^
Which is...
Sample GIVEAWAY!!!!
And the offer was available worldwide~~
happy hor~~

Exclusive limited edition by Karim Rashid.
I like Karim Rashid since i was in college, since i was study Design and Karim Rashid got lots of his own style of design which really representing him, and he always play with the shapes and eye catching colors ^^
The same things he applied on this fragrance as well.

 Fill in your details and mailing address Here for a sample request.

Thanks to Gaby for sharing this great news ^^

Monday, August 16, 2010

Make an Impression @ Aqualabel

Yesterday, which is Sunday
A day with crowded everywhere, tat's why i dun like to have off day or go out on weekend >.<
But....yesterday i just headed down to Orchard @ Ngee Ann City
Although it's still matter in mrt or shopping center

Wanna know why such lazy lady like me, still go out n squeezed in mrt and shopping center?
it's all because of AQUALABEL's  'Unravel The Aqua Power' audition !!!!
And this is the 1st blogger thing i join since i reached Singapore,
so it's kinda looking fwd for it!

Here's their set up for this audition and there was a cute lady do the registration for us and explain contest rules and details nicely to us. ^^
( oops... forgot to ask her to take a photo together >.< )
And also we need to take a portrait shot here!
* Special thanks to my frens who 'like' this photo, haha~
And oso the nice lady, coz she retake the photo 3 times for me  XD
Bo bian...din got camera face...haiz.....

And from here, i get my 2nd cleansing oil in my life!

And can't wait to keep take it out and read and read...
By the way... the benefit stated behind made me felt more and more interested on it~~
Wanna know why? Check on my Review for it

And for now....after this audition, we have to join the Aqualabel workshop on this Wednesday or Thursday.
Choose either one day, and i will go for the Thursday session ^ ^
And gals... stay tuned for the next review for the Aqualabel Workshop!! ^^
~~See you~~

AquaLabel Deep Clear oil cleansing Review

Halo halo~
It's been a long long time din reviewing product.
Since i reached and working in Singapore, need sometimes to get used to the new life here,
their living style and try my best to internet access!!! (so tat i can online and blogging~) winks**
Here comes my 1st product review in Singapore^^
which is...
TA DAng....

Product appearance:

- Clean and hydrating feel
- 150ml - good handling and easy to bring (when travel)

B4 we start, we muz know the product info rite?
okay, gals...

Info from their little booklet:
* An oil-based makeup remover that effortlessly removes all make up, 
even waterproofing make up
Me: It's great, since i was quite a lazy girl, 
with this, i no need to use eye make up remover + cleansing oil, huhuhu~

* Unclogs pores with powerful Sebum Plug Removing Ingredient
Me: Waoh...sounds interesting, sebum plug removing, mm.... like it! 
Lately my face owaz got sebum prob (bcz of the cleansing oil i using currently =.=), 
so this sounds GREAT for me ^^ hehe

* Exfoliates dead skin and excess melanin for skin clarity
Me: Can exfoliates excess melanin too?? Cool man~~LOVE IT!!  wanna know why?
Here's the story begin: 
When i was young, my mum kept asked me to use skincare especially sunblock, 
to avoid dark spot (Since she ady got dark spot problem, so she was giving her old people words)
it's a bit like 老人言, so hv to listen, coz of 不听老人言吃亏在眼前, worried...= =||
But still my lazyness stil there, so when i found out melanin is wat causing the dark spot.
Then i go for product which can slower the growth of melanin or like this 1, can exfoliates excess melanin
Although i dunno how it gonna exfoliates the dead skin and excess melanin, 
but i think can find out when i join their workshop next week is it? ^ ^
Hehe~ looking forward for it ~~

* Extremely lightweight and water-like texture
Me: Totally AGREE!!!!! It's very VERY LIGHT~ 
Swear ar~~ really very light~ ^.^

Second,way to use:

I was pretty sure that most of you guys knew the way to use, 
but perhaps there are some readers who dunno..
So, a simple 'way to use'
 * Important point for cleansing oil : Make sure your hands are dry b4 u start ^^

1.) 2 or 3 Pumps of cleansing oil on your hands

2.) Massage it gently all over your face and you can feel that every bit of make up gets dissolved

3.) After a while, massage with some water and u can see the cleansing oil turns into milky.
4.) Lastly, rinse off with water.

Me: For this cleansing oil, when pump it out, immediately you smell the rose mist fragrance,
it smell good and makes ppl smile : )
When it's on your palm, basically can felt it's watery and light, not as oily as other cleansing oil.
When i remove my make up with this, it's not greasy at all, easy to spread and able to remove all the make up on my face.
After rinse off, my face was smooth n no dry or tight at all~ smile again~ ^.^
*One things quite nice doesn't sting to my eyes when i tried to open my eyes.
( coz i owaz close my eyes and massage the cleansing oil all over my face)

Here's my BEFORE and AFTER photos =.=||
Children under 18 needs guardians besides... lol

With make up - Before remove make up

After remove make up

Currently, i got sebum problem, which i seldom have when i was in Malaysia last time. 
Maybe bcz of hv to make up everyday and my current cleansing oil maybe not suitable for me, 
so i really hope the Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing can save me & give back my skin again......
sob sob >.<

It's watery/very very lightweight -- add points for it!!!
And it's not greasy at all, i think it will suitable for all skin types ^^
My opinion is WORTH IT + THUMBS UP~ ^ ^ 
Will continue use and purchase and use + RECOMMENDED !!!

P/S: When i reached home, too excited and wanted to try it so much! 
Didn't saw there are an 'open seal' and i just tear the plastic
Thoughtful design but sorry...i was too excited ^^||

For any enquiries or more product info,
please feel free to drop them an e-mail at
or join their Facebook fan page at Aqualabelsg @ Fb

Do you experienced Aqualabel product before? 
Or feel like wanted to try this new brand so much?
How about share some experiences or idea here? ^^ 
Welcome to comment on this post or 'like' my link in Aqualabel Facebook.
Thanks a lot ^^

Saturday, August 7, 2010


The Body Shop Singapore

Just saw this from The Body Shop @ Singapore
The Body Shop Singapore launches its global Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People petition today. 

By getting more and more people's support and signing the petition to help put a stop to this global issue.

"Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People" is a joint global campaign between The Body Shop International and ECPAT International, as well as local campaign partners UNIFEM and H.OM.E.

To understand more of this campaign, and what you can do, visit

Or you can show ur support here:

Stop Sex Trafficking Sign Petition

Ur signature can really make a difference!

Unravel Your blogging Power and Win a Trip to Japan

Event poster with all the details ^ ^

There are actually a blogger contest here, by AQUALABEL .

AQUALABEL’s looking for 3 bloggers who adore their products as much as
they do,
 and can’t wait to share them with the rest of the world!!!

If you think you have what it takes, 
head down to Ngee Ann City Watsons with yr FAVOURITE AQUALABEL
PRODUCT from 13th – 15th August 2010! 
(I plan to be there on 15 August ^^ kekeke~) 

How to register:

1st, Join their 
Facebook Fanpage @ Aqualabel Singapore
2nd, E-mail

Unravel the Blogging Power.” as the subject header

Rmb to include your 

NRIC/Passport Number, 


Contact Number and Blog URL 
in the e-mail ohh~~!!