Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bad bad service...cheh~


          There are a skin consultation centre named 'Bella's Skin'. In their webiste, they having an activity is like, u type ur name and contact thr and they will choose randomly for weekly hair removal trial. And my sis applied for it and she been chosen, but she can't attend and asked to replace her. Then i jz go and try lar (I was quite interested on hair removal stuff) .

But then...      >.<     +     T.T      +    *_*     +     SHIT!!!

         When i walk in, ya..filled up a form and the 1st question is...are u working or studying, I told them i was working when they asked the 1st question. Then the ppl give u a vry 'GOOD' deal/ package = =||

Hair removal
armpit/ under arm = rm6000
legs = rm12000

Then telling jz a bit abt their hair removal and kept pushing their packages and nvr mention abt the trial for today!!! Push their packages for many times u noe!!
Huh.... HEY~ i dunno anything abt this service and u not even telling exactly abt the process, will it be painful or wat...and u kept asking me to sign ur package???? And not even ask whether i understand abt the hair removal process or nt, any question abt their hair removal service....  @-@

Then i told tat woman that i jz graduated and jz started to work, then she immediately said: 'actually we a got a trial package for rm300 onli' it's vry worth and cheap. Actually i felt ok with tat rm300 package but...pokgai ady lar ... BUT !!! Fortunately i pokgai ady ar!!!! Fortunately din sign their packages!!!!

I even told her that after i try the 1st trial later, jz i decide whether i wanna sign for it or nt,she oso refuse and kept pushing the package = =

OK, finally.. she let go of me, and let me go and try their 1st trial...


The gal who served me(doing the 1st trial) was busuk muka, maybe bcz she noe i didn't sign for any packages and jz trial session. I told i wanna go to toilet 1st, she said gt ppl inside and jz change the clothes 1st. I changing my clothes, she kept knocking on the door, i asked to wait for a while, coming...and she jz kept knocking and knocking~ shit~~~ i totally felt like 'UNRESPECTED' !
Open the door and she didn't let me go to toilet...and jz start the hair removal, jz a simple 15min process.

During the trial session, she din told abt wat we are doing now, the next step, wat going on...><
She jz quickly do and finished up her job and go away
I tried to ask her abt wat we doing now and she's not answered to my question...
HMG~~~~ Answered 1 question onli (with vry vry bad and cold voice)
And actually it's painful !
I din even saw a smiling face frm her >.<

After she done, she jz left and din even show me the way to toilet, i dunno whr the toilet ~
Then i changed bac to my own clothes and totally got no direction @ @, dunno wat to do and whr to go, is it jz left???

Sot de....Why the service and ppl thr so badly de...
Yiak~ If wanna make tis kinda activity, make sure the worker willing to do jz trial seesion or not 1st mah.... Ppl muz try and know the details, if it's really nice and ok, they wil bac mah...
CHEH CHEH CHEH~~~HMG...........

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GREAT NEWS for Origins fans~~~

Get JUMBO SIZE Origins product with adding just AROUND RM20!!!

Find your favourite Origins Skin and Body Care in Jumbo Sizes and save up to 40%! Limited stocks. Limited time
A Perfect World™ Anti-oxidant cleanser with White Tea

Make A Difference™ Rejuvenating cleansing milk
Checks and Balances™Frothy face wash
A Perfect World™ Moisturizing lotion with White Tea
Ginger Burst™ Savory body wash
Ginger Souffle™ Whipped body cream

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prizes Of The Week

Hello hello
Hv to post everything b4 i go to Singapore tmr
Pass up hmwork >.<
A bit lazy and tired (coz today is my 1st working day)
but ady apply holiday for my Christmas Trip 
But i am good worker, i told my boss abt tis b4 i started to work

First thing,
I wanna share abt getting my PRIZES!!!

1.)Laneige Review and Win Contest

Wat inside?
The prize was Laneige product which worth RM500
Here it is:

Take away the boxes~
Take away the boxes~~

I like tis most!!!
I jz finding my own powder or finishing/loose powder onli~
Nw i got it frm here^^
So happy^^


2.)Shu Uemura Contest

Kekeke~ 450ml Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil
huhu~ my 1st Cleansing Oil
(coz jz start to make up)
Yes~ no need to buy oso^^
Need to do review on it?
But many of u guys ady try it b4 right?

3.) Christmas Giveaway
Good news!!!
The Nature In A Box has decided to award 2 consolation prizes which are 10% discount voucher each to 2 more winners, where they could buy the product of their choice with a 10% discount!
And i got it!!!!
Sounds like very lucky jiang hor~ ^^||

Congratulations to others winners too^^
Here's the link for the giveaway: 

Vonvon's Interests Nature In A Box Christmas Giveaway

Wah... now
My eyes started to bling bling ady, got STAR * *
wanna count how many prizes been won so far...
Report on the next time^^
C u^^

Monday, December 21, 2009

Result of my Opening Giveaway!!!

Sorry for being late to announce the result >.<
Coz rushing back from hmtown
And now~

Deng deng....

The 1st Winner is Slowbrogal
* The prize is the Bobbi Brown Lipstick.

The 2nd Winner is #Chris#
* The prize is the Givenchy sample kits

Congratulations to both of u guys^^
I'll e-mail both of u in today and pls reply as soon as possible^^
Thanks for participated~~ 

And thanks for u guys's taking part and suggestions for my blog^^
Thank you so much!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kiehl's Malaysia Christmas Party!

Kiehl's Christmas Party!!!
Nice 1~~ 
Sweet + fun + surprising + exciting^^
U'll know after viewing the photo below^^


- Nice Food -

- Christmas Yuletide log and Nice cupcakes -

I like the cup cakes and their chocolate brownie vry much~~~


This 2 sweet gals help everyone and take very care of the food.

Everyone can take photo wif the Mr.Bones~
And the photos was printed out immediately!!!
Thanks to the gal who doing the photoshop, photographer and tis young gal^^

Important points: Very Good SMILEY FACES^^


- Special promotion for tat day-
- Balloon and Christmas hat for mostly ppl -
- Actually they did ready games, unfortunately i wasn't reached tat time-


So surprising can see n try this 'Acai' series on tat day!!
It's with good scent and texture.
It'll launch on the next month i think^^
Go and give it a try^^

Nadia, right spelling is it >.< haha
Nice Kiehl's 'admin' is it?? i dunno yeh ==||
jz....she's really nice lar~^^
Social intercourse wif coming guest
Answer our question abt product
And kept stop CY frm pulling her own eyes, haha
(no good if owaz touch our face,every1 noe abt it rite~)
And and and!!
She recognized me~~since last time Vonvon's Kiehl's party
And oso the facebook display photo

At the end of the party

Still left lot of food~
they ady packed some of it.

Coz of meeting bloggers and getting new frens too

Zoe, Jean and Wendy (Start from the right side)

Tammy and Zoe

CY and Zoe

Vonvon and Zoe

Lavander, Wendy and Zoe

- Door gift for everyone -

P/s: Sorry bcz of posting so many photos here.
But it's party, juz have fun thr rite~
The party...jz like their facebook status:
THE KIEHL'S CHRISTMAS PARTY WAS A BLAST! Great food, great friends, 'interesting' spelling games, Mr Bones the superstar of the night, balloon-sculpting, magic acts..... We're really thankful to our customers for being part of the event. It is YOU who made it happen :) We THANK YOU once again for your support and 'til the next event.... MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Thanks for organized such great activities~!!^^
Look forward to Kiehl's coming activities^^

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Starbucks 11th anniversary FREE coffee

Very quick update!!!
Visit your favourite Starbucks store TODAY
from 11am-1pm and
enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee on Starbucks!

also the first 11 people to become a fan at starbucksMalaysia facebook gets a limited edition starbucks merchandise!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The body shop Christmas beauty tip's contest

A bit difficult and problem when i posting this, 
so i jz deleted the whole post and telling some info onli.

Multiple entries are welcome.
* Tell us in your own words 
your favourite beauty tip using our products 
on The Body Shop® Malaysia’s fan page! 

For more info, pls click here

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vonvon's Interests "Nature In A Box" Christmas Giveaway

Hey...for those interested on GIVEAWAY ^^
Vonvon now is having her
Vonvon's Interest Christmas Giveaway

The GRAND PRIZE will be Nature In A Box Botani For Her package
Botani Olive Hand Cream (full-sized, 100g) 
Botani Olive Cleansing Bar (125g)
Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm (7ml)
- Botani Olive Repair Cream has been replaced by Soothing Facial Mist (deluxe-sized, 15ml) as this would be more suitable for everybody compared to the Olive Repair Cream which is more suited for mature skin. 

In addition to the products mentioned, this gift package also comes with a pink cosmetic bag and a charming bracelet!! 
And the whole gift set is worth more than RM180!!!!!

Wanna know more?
Wanna take part?
gJz go to the link above^^

Monday, December 14, 2009

Winning the Laneige Perfect Renew - Review & Win Contest

Winning the 
Laneige Perfect Renew-Review & Win Contest

Quick update here!!!
So surprise and exciting ~~
i call my sis immediately and tell them tis great GREAT news!! 

Thank you!!
thanks to Laneige too^^

p/s: Tis will be my early come 'Christmas gift' I think ^^ hiak hiak~
will post the prizes after i go and grab it ^^ hiak hiak

Here's my review :
so exciting~~~~

Saturday, December 12, 2009


saw this 'exhibition' at Pavilion Parkson on 20 Nov 2009.
It's Estee Lauder event( they will held tis every year)
The items they hving thr is luxury and limited edition
All of it were really pretty in details, and the SA said there was different kinda Estee Lauder perfume in different casing

They are showing collection of past year too.
But this onli for 1 day and until 6p.m. only
Too short~ can't afford to tell u guys on that day >.<
maybe should go on the next year^^

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ME in the Laneige 'Power for 4' Workshop

After I went to this workshop, I found out that….
* For all or mostly skincare product, water or aqua will be the very main ingredient!
Water/aqua takes 70% in a skincare product.
That’s why mostly brand they are using the great water which they research and found from other countries.
Shu Uemura – deepsea water
Laneige – Himalaya Water
Avene - Thermal Water

* For Laneige product,
- They got 2 types for different types of skin:
Oily skin will get the gel type refiner and moisturizer which light a bit.
Dry/ normal skin will get the refiner or moisturizer which creamy or rich a bit.

-          Refiner = lotion or toner we use.
-          Emulsion used for balancing and optimized moisture care.
-          Essence = serum or concentration we using, protect our skin.
-          Cream = moisturizer, lock in moisture.

* Laneige workshop so sweet, they ready the power point prints out, pencil and file for every attendant. It’s easier if /when we wanna do some notes.

Laneige’s ‘Power for 4’ workshop

Attended the Laneige’s ‘Power for 4’ workshop,
This ‘Power for 4’ means:
Their 4 skincare steps and the 4 basic make up steps (we gonna try this today)

When i reachd thr...
Very nice and comfort venue.

Refreshment was ready.

Lot packs of door gift.
Here’s the door gift.

3 pieces small gift for attendants.

Pencil and notes (power point was printed for everyone)
It helps a lot and easier for me to memorize abt wat speaker had told.

Everything was ready.

Nice speaker, Penny was have very good smile and answered everyone’s question very well.
She teaches abt how to differentiate our skin type. Here’s the schedule:

*Our skin also needs step to step care just like our body to maximize absorption and nutrition.
After we cleanse our face, and enjoy Laneige mask
4 steps: Refiner, Emulsion, Essence, Cream

After skincare, we tried the cosmetic, Vonvon had volunteered as their makeup model.
4 steps: Make up primer, make up base, liquid foundation and foundation powder

We do try their blusher, lip gloss and make up mist too~
I jz found out I like their makeup mist! It very nice~
Then made me more determined to get the RM55 makeup mist value buy set!
Then I asked the SA who helps in this workshop,
Whether their counter still got this set or not
Here’s it ^^

All for RM55 onli~~!!! huhu~~~

P/s: Thanks for Sabrina and Jess accompanied me and vry glad + nice to meet them.
U guys are so cute and funny.