Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Earth hour 2011

Earth hour
Actually I likes this 'event' very much
Because everyone become so cute during that time
I means my friends in Malaysia ( is you liao lar is you liao lar XD )
Why cute?
Because they will keep Facebook-ING about this event
They'll support this event
They'll ask their family or friends support this event...
They'll put it or mentioned it in their status and many cute and funny status will came out XD

It's good to have this event! Although It's just an hour, better than nothing and this one hour really saves A LOT OF ENERGY AND POWER !!!! (I forgot the number dy)

And It's can educate people, esp kids..It's important to let kids have this in mind...I means during their growing stage, and they will have great memories in mind and become a better man ^^

Notice the malay kids in my photo? I likes him very much, he's helping and he keep watching the candles, and I really feel kids should be that pure and full of imaginations and dreams ^^
Children nowadays only think and talk about iPhone , psp , ps3 blar blar blar.....=.= sigh..... Ohh....and iPad =.=¦¦

In Singapore, maybe because I'm working and my colleagues dunno about this event @@ so....this year..I didnt got much feeling on this event.
(Frens word: working adult is not cute......XD )But luckily that day I dropped by orchard and one of the shopping center had this event!!! And of course I felt very great and happy lar ;) Hehehe

Miss Malaysia and luckily got Facebook and made me feel my.friends 'passion' XD
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DOTD - Dessert of the day :P

DOTD = dessert of the day

Just a simple red bean potong!!

来了新加坡,时常吃煎炸食物,问题是我也很喜欢吃嘞... 所以... 肥了热气了 @@

所以要戒一戒了... 省钱之余,也因为嘴巴里面开始脱皮了..... 我不要~~~~!!!!

改吃ice cream 啦!!!!
Ngek ngek ngek...

Ice cream 中还是最喜欢,想念你啦,potong 先生小姐~~ ^^
谁叫你在我的童年回忆占了大半段丫,每次小学放学都要/只想跟你约会 ;)
来到这里都找你啊,可是到这里我也有新欢了,也是那种古早味的ice cream .... 改天给你们相亲吧~~

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Monday, March 14, 2011

I got table liao .... but It's...erm.....

This is the size of my current room @@
Is 8 pcs 1feet x 1feet tiles
10 pcs 1feet x 1feet tiles
Only 80sqft

Just like my current hometown home master bathroom size

Made me miss my big big room, big big big living hall and garden in hometown

Anyway, I had chosen my life and decide to work here, so..... >.<¦¦
Tahan!!! XD

And....I wanna to get a table for long time but due to the price , so....erm......
But today!! I got a 'table'
Which is my cabinet! I just bought it and I put all my books and mag inside and the height is just nice!! As my laptop table ^^
Huhuhu......I was so happy....
Coz the room is so small...I not really want to add another table, even a foldable type I oso don't want ~~~~

The end.
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm back to blogging world

Hi guys.....
Erm.....I'm gonna start blogging again....
Although I stop for quite sometimes
And maybe you ady deleted my blog? Forgot my blog? Or abandon my blog?

But anyway....
I just wanna share my life here...
And since I got a smart phone and unlimited data plan ...
It's convenience rite?

First plan! Update my Korea trip here !!!

K, see yar ;)

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