Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas coming!!!

Christmas coming~~
Everyone was so excited about it … ^.^
Well, me too... but i hope i can go back and 'celebrate' with my parents
Why the celebrate with '' ? 
Coz my family not really like celebrate that kinda celebrate, for Christmas lar...
I just hope to go back, we can prepare and make western food and eat together ^.^
However, i rmb last time they had to attend someone's wedding dinner >.<''
Omg, i really really don't like people held their wedding dinner on Christmas or Christmas Eve!
Come on... Christmas is a family or couples day okay...... 

Okay, hope this year they are free and i'm free too!!
Coz i just start my new job, not sure do i have any holiday on 24 and 26 Dec
But rumors said... we/ our company might have block leave for us~!
Block leave = unpaid leave
Sigh .....
But anyway, money is not that important when comes to family stuff ^.^ 

Anyway, do you guys prepare any present for ur own, frens or partner?
I prepare this for you all ^.^

Santa's here!!!
And Christmas 'gift' for everyone!! 
Or probably i should said..... Christmas news? : p just for people who staying in Singapore, so sorry~
Free samples guys~~~~!!!

1.) Bifesta

2.) Lip Ice

3.) Hada Labo

8.) SANA

9.) KAO

10.) Ginvera

11.) Nuteen

12.) Sunplay

That's all.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas ^.^
Loves you~
Merry Christmas!!

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Princess said...

Merry Christmas=)
new work new life!all the best=p